Five Suggestions for a Total Space-Saving Bathroom Redesign

When you bought your home, you probably loved every square inch of it. However, over time the house of your dreams has become blah. There are some rooms that could stand a refresher. The bathroom is probably one of those places, so why not upgrade your bathroom?

Overhauling your bathroom is all about saving space in an organized redesign. You don’t want to end with more clutter than you began with. This article is a shortlist of five design elements, all suggestions to inspire you during your bathroom remodel.

Reimagine How You Bathe

Most homes have the classic tub and shower combos where you have to step over the ledge of the tub to have a shower. If you never use the tub, time for a revamp. Getting a shower installation done provides a more spacious, comfortable area to bathe.

Add a Succulents Shelf for a Little Nature and Necessity

Succulents, like aloe vera, are helpful plants that require very little time and attention. Put your succulents in small planter pots to fit on a convenient shelf above your toilet.

Repaint the Walls in Lighter Colors

To add space without clutter, trick your eyes. Painting the walls in lighter colors will make the bathroom “seem” more spacious. The lighter paint reflects light to draw eyes to the outskirts of the bathroom – perfect for altering perception without expanding a room.

Love Your New Bathroom!

shower installation

It’s amazing when you can refresh a room and fall in love with it all over again. Your bathroom can be your safe space, where you unwind with a glass of wine while you do your makeup for a night out. Or where you soak under the massage of the showerhead when returning after a fun evening on the town.