How to Turn Your Pool Deck into a Vacation-Worthy Paradise

When you go on vacation, what are your most loved hotel amenities? For many, it’s the outdoor swimming pool, complete with a lounge area that could rival any paradise. Did you know you can make a vacation-worthy paradise out of your at-home pool deck? It’s as easy as a redesign, inspired by the most comfortable, beautiful hotels in the world.

Where do you start? With loads of imagination!

Pinpoint what you love about hotel swimming pools. What kind of vibe do you want to bring to your home pool deck? This article offers inspirational suggestions to help you turn your pool deck into a beautiful vacation-worthy paradise.

Lead the Way with Style and Creativity

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Using decorative concrete in Los Angeles allows you to lead the way to your swimming pool paradise. You can imbue the sidewalk with your choice of step stones and colorful accents.

Furnish Your Paradise with Comfortable Lounge Chairs

Your pool deck should be inviting and comfortable. Adirondack chairs and private cabanas are two common, popular ideas for comfort in paradise, but any lounge chair could be made cozy with the right cushions. Be sure you add a table or two, like picnic tables, for summertime poolside cookouts. 

Prepare for Anything with Extra of Everything

When you have friends and family over for pool time, make sure you have extra towels and swimwear. You could invest in a small shed for swimming pool gear that doubles as a changing room. Or simply use a multipurpose ottoman to stow away extras.

Host a Party!

Once your pool deck has reached paradise status, host a pool party with your friends and family. Show off your skill and creativity while inviting everyone to beat the summer heat with a cool swim!